Since 2012, we have dedicated our time to initiating and sponsoring projects to foster a healthy community & bring economic vitality to our neighborhoods.


Our Mission

The Lynchburg Area Food Council (LAFC) is a non-profit organization, comprised of partners from various segments of the health, farm, education, service, and food communities. It is a forum for food system issues, advocate for coordination between sectors, clearinghouse to develop and evaluate policy affecting health and nutrition, and the catalyst to launch and support programs as they address food access, insecurity, quality and systems.

LAFC came about as a result of a partnership between the Lynchburg Health Department and the City of Lynchburg, particularly with the Parks and Recreation Department. With the Health Department coordinating the effort and facilitating meetings, the idea had grown with attendance ranging from 20-50 people.  Those attending included residents, appointed officials, non-profit representatives from a variety of organizations, food producers and farmers, and people committed to healthy living. There was consensus among those attending that the Food Council be formally organized as a non-profit corporation to initiate and sponsor multiple projects that combine to build a healthy community and bring economic vitality to our neighborhoods, especially those identified as food deserts.

In June 2012, LAFC was incorporated and formed its governing board, intentionally representing the community-at-large, to build a shared vision for LAFC work. Over the past year, the group meeting engaged three distinct phases: organizing, planning & feasibility, and implementation.

The Virginia General Assembly has identified the existence
of food deserts in Virginia as a significant concern. … [It
is] logical for your organizations to provide leadership in
convening and engaging appropriate professionals and
stakeholders in the discussion of the issue and development of
— The Honorable William Howell, Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly